Audio mediums we cover

TrueSpeech™ compressed .WAV formatGSM .WAVADPCM .WAV (popular for Courtroom recording systems)
.MP3 audio format (popular for music and speech).WMA up to 44,100 hz CD Quality Sample RateDigital Voice™ call-in system files (e.g. .VOX and .WAV)
Dictaphone™ Digital Express™Dictaphone Boomerang™ and .AUD files“PlayAll” ™ BCB TrueSpeech™ files with non-standard embedded headers
DVIPS™ (VOX 6KHz sample rate, 4-bit, ADPCM)CrescendoDialogic™ based telephony systems
BVP ComputersSpecialty VOX Formats“Bitescrybe” 8 KHz PCM Mu-Law
DVIPS™ OKI/Dialogic 6/8 KHz VOX 4-bit ADPCMVOX A-Law formatsProCat™
Sanyo Digital RecordersOlympus™ .DSS (Used with DS-320, DS-330, DS-1000, DS-2000, and DS-3000 Recorders)Lanier Cquence™ M³ Mobile Digital Recorders (.DSS format)
Voice-It ™ Mobile Digital Recorder’s .SRI formatDictaphone™ Walkabout Tour™ Digital RecorderUHER DH-10 Digital Recorder TrueSpeech™
CCITT Stereo A-LawEvercom & T-Netix call monitoring formatsMu-law and A-Law (Sun™ Microsystems) non-standard .WAV files
Creative SoundBlaster™ .VOC (Version 1.2)file extentions = .smi, .rt, .rp, .au, .mpg, .avi, .rm, .ra, .aif, .asf, .mp2, .mpv, .mp3, .au, .mpg, .movdct (encrypted dictation)
dss (Olympus, Lanier and Grundig)Windows Mediamsv and dvf files (Sony Recorders)
Windows Dictation Software (Express Dictate)Phone-In Dictation Software (DialDictate)Pocket PC Dictation Recorder (Pocket Dictate)