Client’s testimonials


Just a few satisfied clients who have agreed to share their thoughts

I have had the continual pleasure of tapping into the skilled and knowledgeable support of Dee Briston, with She is able to move mountains in a matter of hours. Her up-front process of defining my requirements, her fast and dependable support of my proofreading, editing and content, through to her detailed invoicing are super! Dee has saved me from missing deadlines on important presentations, newsletters,

Web site up-dating, etc.

It is also important to stress her personal, yet professional, interactions. Even though my business is in the middle of the U.S., and Dee is on ‘the other side of the pond’, her care and concern for the projects, the results and the personal care come through as though she was right across the office.  She gives a sense of direction and balance to whatever we are working on.

I highly recommend utilizing Dee’s services, you will receive top quality support at a fair value. You will also gain a partner wishing you, your project and your business success.

(David C Carrithers, Chief Bee Keeper, , US client)


DeeWP supplied me with a first class sequence of slides for The Economist Automotive Roundtable in Tokyo, Japan.  I was extremely impressed by DeeWP’s efficient approach and the high quality of work produced on budget and within a tight deadline.  The slides really increased the impact of my speech.  All the images were clear and sharp and many delegates remarked on how eye-catching they were.  I would highly recommend the company to anyone who wants to enhance a presentation with truly professional looking visual aids.

(Duncan Bartlett, Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC World Service, London)


I acquired the services of DeeWP at the beginning of 2001, the service I have received is second to none.  DeeWP gives me input into my business and that personal touch that everybody needs – with no extra charge. 

I feel now that my business would not run as efficiently without this service.  For the cost of the service, I feel as if I’m getting something for nothing; as every quote or letter done for me brings me in the business I need.

DeeWP is available seven days a week, which is great!

(Jason Howard, Howards Contract Cleaning Company, Dorset)


My name if Kevin Sykes and I am a Creditor Resistance Strategist working for The Practice based in St James’ Square in London.  We took up the services of DeeWP in April 2001 on a retainer basis – paying for a block number of hours in advance.  As this was our first experience of using a Virtual Assistant, we moved somewhat cautiously at first, due to the very confidential nature of our business. 

However, in that time, we have found DeeWP to be of invaluable help.  Her availability at short notice, outside of usual office hours and flexibility regarding working at weekends and over public holidays has helped us out immensely on several occasions.  

She is professional, approachable and very conscientious.  We have no concerns about her handling our confidential matters.  Dee has also made an encryption facility available to us so that data that requires special handling can be despatched back to us in a secure manner and only opened by the holder of the password we supply. 

Her services to us have included digital audio transcription, copy typing of legal forms and documents, a large mail out and designing a small business Web site to promote the other businesses that we operate.  In fact, we were so impressed with her business that we have included her details on our own Web site. 

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of DeeWP and the use of a Virtual Assistant.  Whenever we need her help she is there and is fully aware of the way in which we present our company.    I truly believe that the Virtual Assistant will be the norm in years to come, but for now, I can only commend using a Virtual Assistant.

(Kevin Sykes – The Practice, London: Retainer Client)


To submit a document at 5 pm and have it turned around for the auditors meeting at 9 the next morning is quite amazing.  Crisis averted!

(I. Lewis – Valtech, London: Reformatting Auditor’s document)


The service was very good.  I was particularly pleased with the care Dee took to ensure that the work was laid out in the style I wanted.  I was also delighted that all the work was delivered when promised.

(Nick Rubashow – Managing Director, Makrotest Ltd: Audio Transcription)


We were satisfied with DeeWP.  We liked the work very much and DeeWP is professional.

(Hasan C – Turkline, Turkey: proof reading

and re-writing assignment)