Terms & Conditions

terms & conditions

  1. Service Provider:  DeeWP / Audiosec (owner of The Conference Transcription Company)
  2. No variation of this agreement may be made except in writing, signed by both parties.
  3. An invoice will be issued on completion of each assignment.  For larger ongoing monthly assignments an invoice will be issued weekly.  We request that payments be made within 14 days (as appropriate) of date of invoice unless you advise otherwise. Universities MUST set up a purchase order with their accounts department to enable payment of their accounts. Poor audio will incur a surcharge of 25p per audio minute on top of the quoted per audio minute price including audio where the accents are strong (either regional or foreign). 24hr turnaround or weekend/public holiday working incurs an additional 25% on the quoted per audio minute rate.
  4. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 5% per month on the outstanding balance from the date of the invoice until the date of payment and £15.00 if a reminder is sent after the due date.
  5. In the event of any cheque from a client being refused by the bank, the client will be responsible for all bank charges resulting from the returned cheque.
  6. We reserve the right to change turnaround times and prices quoted due to changes in the specifications, quantities, legibility and/or quality of origin or source material, delivery arrangements, unforeseen problems or other circumstances, including, but not limited to, illness, terms, conditions or circumstances that were not part of the original verbal or written quotation.
  7. If we, DeeWP / Audiosec, agree any variation of the service we will be providing under this agreement, we, DeeWP & Audiosec, reserve the right to amend the price.
  8. By accepting work or services agreed upon, you, the customer, assume full responsibility for final proofreading and accuracy of documents, final product or service.  Any errors or omissions bought to our attention within 48 hours of receipt will be amended free of charge.  Any other additions or amendments made by the customer will be charged. DeeWP / Audiosec cannot be held liable for damage to any media supplied by the customer either in our possession or in transit. If full instructions are not given or changes made clear to DeeWP & Audiosec, no responsibility can be taken for such discrepancies whatsoever if these are not made clear prior or during work on the project.
  9. All incoming emails, discs, CDs, or other media will be scanned for viruses.  DeeWP / Audiosec will not open unsolicited attachments to emails or email attachments which do not have an accompanying explanatory message.
  10. We endeavour to scan all Emails and attachments sent to customers for viruses etc.  However it is the responsibility of all recipients to check text, graphics, and attachments for trojans, viruses, and worms as no responsibility or liability will be accepted by DeeWP /Audiosec.
  11. If required, a Confidentiality Agreement will be forwarded on request.