Pricing ~

a per minute rate to ensure you 

know how much you’re paying 

before signing on the dotted line …

Our pricing is based on your particular project and if you are enquiring from a university research unit or a registered charity, we do offer discounts. We work extensively with Universities and their research units, transcribing large scale projects where interviews have been conducted and they need to know in advance how much they are paying. Because we do an excellent job of project management we remove many of the headaches they would normally face. i.e. trying to secure the kind of turnaround they need without having to sub-contract to lots of transcriptionist individually, and then being faced with the additional paperwork separate invoicing and despatch of their audio would otherwise produce – we do all that for you and NEVER send out your original recordings from our office.  

Modern transcription companies now charge a per audio minute rate (which is the fairest means of pricing for your assignments) but there are still companies that will quote you a per typing hour rate. This means you will pay penalties for a transcriptionist having an ‘off day’ where their typing speed will vary, you will not know how much each recording will cost to transcribe and at the end of the day you won’t know in advance how much you are going to pay for the completed tasks. 

Please see below for the pricing categories we cover (enquire specifically please for the price relevant to your job) and also refer  to what project management skills are included in our pricing. 

We also offer discounts for the use of digital medium, i.e. WAV, MP3, DSS, WMA etc, and free project management on digital sound files, click here to find out why.  By sending us digital medium in place of cassettes/mini discs you save 20p per audio minute. That’s a saving of £12.00 for every hour of audio that needs transcribing!  Click here to see the product we recommend and suppliers we recommend.

Click here to find out how long a 60 minute recording takes to transcribe

Our pricing is organised as follows:

BandWork covered in price band
AGeneral Correspondence (e.g. letters / memorandums)
BUniversity Interview Transcription
COne to one Interviews / Lectures / Keynote Speakers / Q & A Sessions
Forums / Focus Groups / Round Table Discussions 
EPolice Interviews / Under Caution / Video Transcription
FTechnical Content / Covert / Conferences / Webcasts / Roadshows (with Q & A) / Teleconference
  1. Return postage charged on return of mini discs / videos / CDs / DVDs sent as 2nd class mail (unless other arrangements required)
  2. Poor audio or enhancement of audio to enable transcription charged for at an additional 20 pence per audio minute
  3. Payments by Credit/Debit card through PayPal or BACs payment from outside the UK are charged an additional 3% as an administration fee on the final invoice cost.

Project Management includes:

  • Finding suitable numbers of transcribers to cover your project and meet your deadline from our pool of professionals
  • Producing an audio report for any difficult audio
  • Managing the conversion of audio tapes / mini discs for transcription
  • Despatch of audio files to team
  • Ensuring all transcripts follow the requirements set out by the client on their project management sheet
  • Putting together a transcript template (for the above)
  • Providing resources for transcribers (i.e. web sites for research / dictionaries etc for accuracy of transcript against audio content)
  • Collation of returned transcripts and despatch to client to meet deadline
  • Invoicing the client for overall project and distributing payments to transcribers directly from DeeWP (no individual invoices to the client)
  • Ensuring quality controls are met and transcripts meet clients requirements.

We use integrity in the pricing of our jobs, charging you below industry hourly rates with no hidden costs. Our invoicing clearly shows the actual audio transcribed along with the per audio minute rate. At no point are charges applied without prior acceptance by the client and you are kept informed how your project is progressing. We always encourage interaction with our clients and your feedback is welcomed.