DeeWP & Audiosec is run by Dee Briston and all freelancers that work with Dee Briston to supply transcripts to clients signs a freelancer agreement which includes the following confidentiality clause:

“The Freelancer agrees not to, except as authorised or required by the services which he/she performs hereunder, use for his/her own benefit or gain or reveal to any person(s), firm or company or other organisation, whatsoever, any confidential information belonging to or relating to the affairs or dealings of DeeWP/Audiosec or a any of its Clients (including but not limited to any trade secrets, formulations, business developments, marketing plans and analyses, financing plans, general finances, pricing structures, operational manuals and forms, sales techniques, methods of operation, dealings, statistical and general information, transactions or affairs of DeeWP/Audiosec or any of its Clients) which may come to the Freelancers knowledge during the provision of services hereunder.  This restriction will continue to apply after the termination of the Contract without limitation in time, but shall cease to apply to any information or knowledge, which subsequently comes into the public domain, other than by way of unauthorised disclosure”

A confidentiality agreement is available upon request and this covers both DeeWP and Audiosec and its freelancers. No information gained during transcription will be used for the benefit of the transcriber or divulged to any third parties. All information gained remains confidential after the assignment has been completed and is not restricted to the time of the project but extends beyond this infinitum. 

We are happy to sign clients own confidentiality agreements and Dee Briston has personally signed the Official Secrets Act.