conference & lecture transcription

“It was a joy to send off the audio and be presented with an accurate, well presented speech within a few days of sending it off…….  and at a very reasonable price too!” 

Roadshows, lectures, question and answer sessions, keynote speakers and conferences are transcribed from standard cassette, WAV, digital, video or mini disc recordings.  If you have speakers notes or PowerPoint slides we are able to marry up the PowerPoint slides to the conference transcript so that the reader can match up what was said with the PowerPoint slides (if you choose to include them with the documents you provide after the event).

Internet research and full proof reading against the original sound files are included in the price.  If you want a first class service but without paying extortionate fees, then  Click here to contact us   today to find out how much a one day (6hr) conference will cost to transcribe and check our availability. Shorter turn around times are available if required, please state your requirements when contacting us.

The transcript is an Intelligent verbatim transcript (click link for description).

Our clients have included The RSA, The Home Office, Jenny Ward Associates, The Waterfront Conference Company, Art Forum Conferences, Bristol University and many more organisations large and small throughout the UK.