mini disc transcription

Expert Mini Disc Transcription  from DeeWP & Audiosec

We convert your mini disc to digital audio and have full recording facilities to “tweak” the audio should it require it, allowing the best quality sound for accurate transcription.

An increasing number of companies are using the mini disc to record their events. They are portable and have a far longer life span than standard analogue tapes.  Unfortunately the transcription industry has not quite caught up as there are no transcription machines available to transcribe from mini disc at this time. However, due to the process of re-recording using our quality software we are able to ensure that the sound extracted from the mini disc for transcription remains perfect. No loss in quality, either in sound or the transcript produced, and you get your originals back quickly.

If your are enquiring about the transcription of mini discs from forums, focus groups, interviews or conferences we are delighted to say that these are areas of transcription in which we have extensive experience.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will advise you what information we require in order to produce the kind of service you expect ~ professional and accurate.

All internet research is carried out by us, looking up unusual words etc and we proof read from the original audio. The transcript can be a verbatim transcript, intelligent verbatim (click link for description), or as otherwise advised. We are able to save as a Word document, Rich Text or PDF.