digital transcription

Digital transcription and WAV transcription Services from DeeWP & Audiosec

We offer WAV transcription and digital (DSS) transcription. WAV files can be huge, so they are not ideal for sending across the Internet.  We do have a system for compressing WAV sound files but some quality is lost in doing so. WAV files are usually sent to us on CD or DVD for transcription. Free passes can be provided for the sending of MP3 files and short WAV files over the internet to avoid problems with your ISP – please make enquiries about this service.

The best format for sending sound files across the internet is digital and as digital sound files are highly compressed they make the perfect medium for quick turnaround by the client and the transcriptionist. You only need to download the sound files to your laptop or computer and send the sound files to us for transcription – even in a busy airport, on route to your next appointment or on the train to work. 

From general correspondence to complex reports, we are happy to help you speed up your work and slow down your stress.

All internet research is carried out by us, looking up unusual words etc and we proof read from the original audio. 

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